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Challenger 604

TMC Challenger 604

An upgraded version of the 601 design, the Challenger 604 is one of the most capable aircraft made by Bombardier. Numerous refinements have given this business class jet a decided advantage in long range and intercontinental travel. Improvements in structure, power, radar, and computer systems contribute to the 604’s ability to offer passengers a more comfortable flight.

The spacious cabin offers a generous stand-up height of over 6 feet, along with over 8 feet in width, allowing for double or forward divan seating arrangements. Additionally, a deluxe galley, lavatory, and significantly reduced noise levels are among the jet’s popular amenities.

For outstanding value, safety, and comfort in long-range and intercontinental travel, there’s no better aircraft than TMC’s Challenger 604.


Seats: (crew + passengers) 3 + 10
Cargo Capacity: 115 cubic ft
Range: 4,077 sm
Cruise Speed: 459mph
Average Manufacturing Date: 2000
TMC Challenger 604