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Company History

Before founding Travel Management Company in 2006, Pete Liegl was no stranger to private charter services. But as an entrepreneur who traveled frequently for business, Liegl often found his jet services to be less-than optimal.

With the forward-thinking of owning a fleet of aircraft that would offer passengers a customer-focused, on-demand charter experience, Liegl launched a company that, less than a decade later, would become the industry’s largest light and mid-size aircraft charter service provider.

Today, TMC’s 70-plus luxury aircraft deliver on Liegl’s vision, as the company upholds its commitment to maintaining a top-of-the-line fleet with innovative offerings like fully enabled Wi-Fi and catering services. Additionally, the company’s offering of point-to-point pricing due to a large, standardized fleet gives its clients a refreshing advantage over competitors’ programs.

With a flawless safety record combined with an ARG/US Platinum rating and Wyvern Wingman status—two of the industry’s highest safety grades—TMC leads the industry in on-demand charter services that emphasize privacy, luxury and reliability.