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Travel Management Company’s new fleet of Hawker 800XP jets offers the ultimate in quality and style for mid-range flights. With a luxurious, spacious interior cabin, in-flight Wi-Fi, and TMC’s experienced crew, up to eight passengers can travel in comfort and safety on this popular, mid-size private jet.

Business and leisure passengers on TMC’s Hawker 800XP aircrafts enjoy a range of amenities and the security of knowing that TMC meticulously maintains its aircraft and provides safety upgrades that far exceed FAA requirements.

For a cost-effective, mid-range flight that consistently provides comfort and safety, TMC’s Hawker 800XPs deliver every time.


Seats: (Crew+Passengers) 2+8
Range: 2,731 nm (3,142 miles)
Cruise Speed: 448 kt (514 mph)
Cargo Capacity: 49.50 cubic feet
Average Manufacturing Date: 2006